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Kerrie-Anne Moore

Sales Manager


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Design by Blue Butterfly Flooring

G-Floor printable flooring is a truly remarkable product that has transformed the floor graphics industry beneath your feet. You’ve heard us talk about it on Twitter and Facebook and possibly seen it on our stands at trade shows such as Sign & Digital UK, but we wanted to give you the complete low down on what G-Floor is and why it’s so special.

Let’s start with the basics… G-Floor is a special vinyl floor graphic material, manufactured in the US. The product boasts a large number of benefits, including being far more versatile and durable than traditional vinyl flooring. It’s anti-slip, easy to clean, tear-resistant and is extremely heavy duty for use in industrial environments or areas of high footfall or vehicle traffic, such as car showrooms or garages.

G-Floor uses a single, solid layer of impervious PVC. This polyvinyl is extruded from raw vinyl materials into a thick, solid sheet of clear protective flooring, which is why it’s so hard-wearing. But what’s even more exceptional about G-Floor is how it receives and protects printed images.

Graphics, branding and even art are reverse-printed to the underside of G-Floor and backed up with white ink, so when the flooring is laid the image can be seen through but is well protected by the top coat above it. This prevents images being scuffed or damaged and has other health and safety benefits, such as being slip resistant.

Available in widths of 1524mm and 3048mm (which is 5ft and 10ft in old money), G-Floor comes in a variety of finishes and being 100% pure PVC, it can be recycled via specialist recycling facilities, helping to boost your green credentials. For best results, G-Floor is printable using UV technology, which can either be roll-to-roll or flatbed.

There are an enormous amount of applications where G-Floor is the best product for the job. Point of sale and retail settings can utilise the combination of bright and vibrant floor graphics while benefitting from the extended life of the print from being printed on the underside which is necessary for medium to long-term promotions in high footfall areas.

G-Floor is of great interest in an architectural capacity both commercially and domestically. The combined forces of having great practical advantages in terms of wear and health and safety, along with the ability to create a bespoke flooring product, makes G-Floor very desirable. We’ve seen a big increase over the last few years in people wanting to express their unique sense of self via their homes too creating a booming personalisation industry for home décor items such as kitchen and bathroom flooring. G-Floor gives designers the versatility and creativity they need, as well as ticking functional boxes.

If you’d like to find out more about G-Floor and what it can be used for then speak to a member of the Soyang Europe team.