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Kerrie-Anne Moore

Sales Manager


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Design by Blue Butterfly Flooring

International Artist, Emily Campbell has been creating stunningly beautiful, bespoke vinyl flooring for over 20 years. Her unusual and individual designs, promoted under the name of Blue Butterfly Flooring, makes use of images taken from above, emulating the sensation of standing in the actual landscape.

Through the use of photography, she creates a world that contains both reality and the imaginary. It's through this ‘experiential décor’ that one really gets the sense of standing in an actual landscape.

"The floor in a room can dramatically shift the dynamic of a space by either creating drama, or a sense of tranquillity," describes Campbell. "We’re more used to floors being solid surfaces, such as wood, carpet or ceramic, but my designs are all about creating illusions, telling stories and transforming spaces.”

For several years, Campbell has worked alongside Vinyline Graphics, an award-winning and highly experienced sign and graphics printing company that has transformed her designs into printed flooring. "Initially, Vinyline printed my designs onto a dance floor material that required over-lamination," continues Campbell. "Then, about three years ago, the Vinyline team introduced me to G-Floor from Soyang Europe and I immediately fell in love with the product."

G-Floor is a special vinyl floor graphic material, manufactured in the USA, being far more versatile and durable than traditional vinyl flooring. It’s anti-slip, easy to clean, tear-resistant and is extremely heavy duty for use in industrial environments or areas of high footfall. Graphics are reverse-printed to the underside of G-Floor and backed up with white ink, so when the flooring is laid the image can be seen but is well protected by the top coat above it, preventing images being scuffed or damaged.

“Here at Vinyline, we've been exploring the world of printed flooring for over a decade, but discovered G-Floor three years ago and it’s been a game changer for us," explains Vinyline's Steve Moneypenny. "I’ve been in the printing trade for over thirty years and G-Floor is one of the most exciting materials I’ve worked with in that time, transforming our client offering and giving them the tools to really use their imagination and get creative with printed flooring in a wide variety of settings.”

Soyang Europe's Sales and Marketing Manager, Kerrie-Anne Moore is keen to demonstrate the business benefits of using G-Floor; "There are a number of printable flooring options around, but what G-Floor brings to the table is extreme durability without compromising on any of the creative aspect. What this has meant for Blue Butterfly Flooring is that Emily is able to offer her uniquely creative services to commercial environments, such as education and retail settings, where a product needs to withstand a lot of wear and also cover health and safety requirements, which is what they get from G-Floor."