Keencut SteelTrak 250

The Keencut SteelTrak cuts and finishes in one movement leaving materials safe to touch – there’s no dust and no scrapings. It increases production speed ensuring perfect accuracy, finishing quality, and safety.
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SteelTrak is a high production machine for cutting rigid and semi-rigid materials and scoring and snaping glass and acrylic. It’s ideal for cutting or v-grooving Aluminium Composite, with a fast set-up for cutting identical boards. Cutting takes minimal effort and only a few minutes of training.

With a SteelTrak, you can buy larger cost-effective boards, reduce waste, and increase quality and productivity.

Key Features:
Cuts and finishes in a single action
No dust and no scrapings
Cuts and v-grooves ACM
Easy set-up for identical boards
Cuts rigid and semi-rigid materials and scores and snaps glass and acrylic
No programming, no power required
Single operator
Safety by design and 5 year guarantee
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