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What is a 3D printer?

It’s a printer that has the ability to print multiple layers using plastic extrusion or ink jetted through a nozzle or printhead. The layers are added on top of each other until a physical object is formed. The most common technique is fused filament jetting when a reel of plastic material is fed through a heated moving head.

How can a 3D printer benefit my business?

It enables any 3D computer design to be transformed into a physical object. Rather than viewing on a screen you can actually produce the part here and there without going through a lengthy and costly prototyping production process. It saves time and money.

The applications and benefits are very vast, from mechanical engineering to packaging mock up. 3D printing is also extremely useful in medical application for the visualisation of any part of the human body.

How can Soyang Hardware help with 3D printers?

At Soyang Hardware we are showing the most advanced of 3D printers using UV ink. These new 3D printers made by Japanese engineering company Mimaki are the only ones enabling full 3D colour printing with up to 10 million different colours. Because they are using UV ink and a much smaller drop size for the deposition, these 3D printer offer a precision and definition far beyond any other 3D printing device or technique.

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