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We bang on a fair bit about how amazing printable textiles are, and for good reason. It’s a burgeoning textile market out there and this is particularly true for the retail industry. Textile graphics look amazing! They’re tactile, attractive and highly functional by being easy to transport and install and much better for the environment when it comes to disposing of them at the end of a campaign.

As exhibition season begins to ramp up, we're continuing with our theme of printable flooring and taking a look at the options to suit your clients and your hardware. 

Design by Blue Butterfly Flooring

To accompany our G-Floor product blog, we’ve been talking to Steve Moneypenny at Vinyline to give you some great insight in what it’s actually like to work with G-Floor from a technical perspective. Vinyline is an award-winning and highly experienced sign and graphics printing company that believes strongly in ‘process through innovation’.

Design by Blue Butterfly Flooring

To accompany our G-Floor product blog, we’ve teamed up with International Artist, Emily Campbell who has been creating stunningly beautiful, bespoke vinyl flooring for over 20 years.

Design by Blue Butterfly Flooring

G-Floor printable flooring is a truly remarkable product that has transformed the floor graphics industry beneath your feet. You’ve heard us talk about it on Twitter and Facebook and possibly seen it on our stands at trade shows such as Sign & Digital UK, but we wanted to give you the complete low down on what G-Floor is and why it’s so special.

AlumiGraphics; Simple, durable, reliable. It’s a superbly innovative product range that we, here at Soyang Europe have been distributing for several years, but we don’t think we talk about this amazing stuff enough! So this blog is to tell you everything you need to know about this eco-friendly, versatile and creative digitally printable material and how you can incorporate it into your print business to wow your customers.

The wall and floor graphics market continues to flourish as creative and versatile new materials are developed and the wider industry increases its understanding of just how much can be achieved in this area.

As a leading printable material manufacturer and distributor, we offer a broad choice of innovative substrates within our expansive portfolio of wide and grand format materials.

There is strong competition out there amongst printing companies for banner printing work, with a large number of sign and graphics companies offering this as a low value, bread and butter commodity.

As material technologies and technical textiles develop, there is an ever increasing number of specialised and creative digitally printable materials available to the industry, and so it’s easy to forget that there is a still a very real requirement for staple sign and graphics products.

As ever more sectors realise the benefits of using textiles for their large format display graphics installations, so the market continues to flourish. We’ve seen significant global growth and now the UK’s retail and exhibition markets have caught on, it’s showing no sign of abating.

Walls and ceilings have been a discernible space for guidance for decades, but advances in media technology and creative new substrates have seen the birth of a revolutionary new wayfinding concept that uses a previously underutilised surface - the floor.

Soft signage is fast becoming a popular sector for signmakers to move into for good reason – the market demand is there. We’re seeing signmakers and graphics producers responding to demand from brands, retailers and exhibition companies looking to take advantage of printed textiles, so being able to offer a solution gives printers ready access to new revenue streams.

There’s a big demand in the market that’s showing no signs of abating. With a little bit of experience you’ll be surprised how easy it is and how many more opportunities it will open up for your business. Here are 5 ‘myths’ about printed textile and my thoughts on why you really should consider the potential benefits to your business...

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