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Banner Stands For Exhibitions, Trade Shows & Events: Consider Your Options!

Trade shows come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why you need an adaptable mix of trade show banner stands.

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Ella Faulkner
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There’s no single type of trade stand. Over the years, we’ve occupied prized positions in Olympic-sized halls, been shoved in corners of civic buildings and everything in between. That means you can’t rely on a one-size-fits all conference banner stand, because they come in all shapes and sizes.

Like the products and people you take to every show, your trade show display’s banner stands need to adapt to the situation around them. Which means you need a flexible mix of banners, so you can always create a great looking stand, whatever space you’re presented with.

Here are some staples that need to be part of your trade show mix.

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Exhibition roller banners

In many ways, a pull-up exhibition banner should be the first banner stand on your must-have list. Quick and cheap to print, extremely portable and assembled in about 20 seconds, exhibition roller banners may not be the biggest banners in your print arsenal, but they’re arguably the most flexible. To add greater impact consider a fabric ‘pull up’ banner as it could help reduce glare and reflection under unforgiving lights.

In a larger space, exhibition roller banners are great for screening off areas or augmenting bigger more structural trade show banner stand elements. In a smaller space, a pull-up exhibition banner may be all you have room for. Essential.

The pop-up conference banner stand is free standing and assembled in seconds. Extend the frame, add the graphic sleeve, and slide everything back into its carry case when done.

Typically larger and a more imposing than a roller banner, a pop-up display is ideal as a backdrop to your trade show desk (or behind a panel Q&A). It can also act as a wall, sectioning off areas between larger trade show stands.

Choose the right material for your pop-up display and it could make an ideal candidate for backlighting too, which will enable you to maximise the impact of your stand while removing the glare and clutter of visible lighting.

Double-sided mast banners

You’ll often see this sort of trade show banner printing used on lampposts near conference venues. Like flags, but more rigid, they almost resemble sails – and the double-sided print means they’re visible at height and distance from multiple angles. For even greater clarity without bleed-through between sides, choose blockout vinyl.

A great way to take your trade show banner displays outdoors, and ideal for lining entry and exit routes.


The beauty of flags is motion. As they bend and flap gently in the breeze they can’t help but attract attention. Generally suitable for conditions where the wind will gust no higher than 35mph.

Typically created in polyester or vinyl mesh, we’d always advise choosing double-sided flags (achieved simply by printing two flags back-to-back) so everyone can see them, no matter their angle of approach. Also, if the wind changes, a double-sided flag will mean your messaging isn’t seen in reverse.

This exhibition banner stand is often available in a range of flag shapes (tear drop, sail etc) and with a range of bases. Used as conference banners stands, we’d tend to err on the side of simplicity and safety and opt for steel bases where the flag will stand on a flat, hard surface. Where the flag will be on a grassed area, an auger-type base may be the ideal option.

Big impact banners

Ok, they’re not technically (or remotely) banner ‘stands’ but they can be a vital part of your banner mix, especially if you’re the conference or show organiser. These large format banners are the sort that wrap buildings, fencing, screening and scaffolding, bringing big visual impact to areas that would otherwise be purely functional spaces.

When you want to advertise your exhibition or conference in a way that makes it visible from nearby motorways, these are the sort of banners you need.

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Exhibition banner printing – which materials?

Finding the right banner stands for trade shows is about selecting the right product and the right material. Robust in the wind. Anti-glare under lights. Powerful high- definition reproduction for close-up viewing, there’s plenty to consider. Here are just a few of the options.

PVC vinyl

Frontlit banner stand material is the go-to economical option conference banner stand (which is why it remains perhaps the most commonly used print material in exhibitions and trade shows). Blockout vinyl (two layers of printed vinyl sandwiching a blockout screen) is ideal for hanging flags and banners, especially when the print will be in full sun.


A likely option for flags but frequently used much more widely, polyester is a lightweight exhibition banner stand material, so it’s easy to fold up and transport. It also offers impressive translucency and super-sharp imagery – particularly valuable when your conference banner stands will be viewed close up.

Great as an indoor option. Outdoors (and banner flags aside) mesh or PVC will be more durable options.

Mesh vinyl

The likely option for lots of large format banner printing, and also for smaller items such as flags, mesh delivers big impact and big durability thanks to the tiny perforations that ensure wind can pass through it, reducing the risk of damage and improving longevity. Indoors and out, mesh vinyl is a natural choice for backlighting as the holes enable lots of light to shine through.

Just as important, outdoors, the breathability of the fabric reduces billowing, ensuring your banner remains legible and free from distortion.

Ask us about the right product and material for your trade show banner printing

Your exhibition banner stands have a job to do. Chances are, they’ll need to do it in a way that gives you flexibility with your expo stand design. And of course they’ll need to do it economically, delivering long lasting performance.

Soyang can help. Talk to us your trade show banner stand material options today.

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