Keencut Flexo Plate Cutter

Check out Keencut’s Flexo Plate Cutter, allowing you to accurately pre-cut flexo on flat surfaces.
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Easily align to your target marks for the first and second cut, now there is no need to cut flexo on the round, by using Keencut’s cleverly designed sightline strip. The Flexo Plate Cutter is here to reduce the chance of costly mistakes, which will cause costly production downtime. Create seamless splices every time and save both time and money.

Precise flexo cutting is achievable by all experience levels of operator, comfortably creating a bevelled overlapping join, or alternatively a 5° undercut, so both plate edges meet perfectly when applied to the roller.

Key Features:
Perfect accuracy for tight joins that gives a lifetime of straight and silent cutting
Spring-loaded bevel and 5° undercut blade holder features ball and thrust bearings for perfect alignment and superb blade control
Ensures your safety and removes the dangerous practice of cutting flexo by hand with a knife
Designed to allow precise and repeatable cuts when switching to a new cartridge
Shaped blade holders perfectly fit the hand to prevent finger strain when cutting
Five year guarantee
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