Mimaki SS21 Ink Miamki’s SS21, Low solvent-type ink that is in high demand for the production of signs and displays for both indoor and outdoor use.
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Setting the standard for beautiful indoor & outdoor signage

Mimaki SS21 ink is made from pigments within an organic solvent which allows rapid drying times due to the solvent’s volatility. This property allows direct printing onto a wide variety of substrates, including PVC which is used extensively for indoor and outdoor signage and displays.

Mimaki SS21 inks are renowned for their longevity, boasting terrific weatherability and rub fastness. Even when exposed to the elements for 3 years, tests have shown very little fading and wear. With the inks providing vibrant, smooth, high quality prints, it is easy to see why SS21 inks are used as standard for signage printing worldwide.

Mimaki’s SS21 solvent ink has also gained ‘GREENGUARD Gold’ certification.


  • CJV150 series
  • CJV300 series
  • JV100 series
  • JV150 series
  • JV300 series
  • CJV30 series
  • JV33 series

Colours Available:

  • Cyan – 440ml
  • Magenta – 440ml
  • Yellow – 440ml
  • Black – 440ml
  • Orange – 440ml
  • Light Cyan – 440ml
  • Light Magenta – 440ml
  • Light Black – 440ml
  • Flush – 440ml
  • White – 220ml
  • Silver – 220ml

We also supply a range of UV inks which are compatible with other Mimaki printer models – our UV inks include: LUS 120, LUS 150, LUS 170, LUS190, LUS200 and LH100.

Key Features:
High quality image reproducibility: whether you’re printing text, illustrations, graphics, photographs or gradated images, Mimaki’s inks and inkjet technology produce fantastic quality results.
Strong solvent ink adhesion: SS21 solvent ink has been specially developed for direct printing onto PVC and non-ink-receptive layer coating media. This allows cost effective signage and display printing on a wide variety of popular materials (https://soyang.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/SS21-Adhesion-Mechanism.png)
Excellent weatherability and rub fastness: SS21 creates robust prints which can withstand direct sunlight, rain, snow and other weathering with little fading or degradation. SS21 showed very little fading during an accelerated test equivalent to 3 years (Mimaki in-house study). (https://soyang.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/SS21-Weather-Resistance-1.jpeg)
‘GREENGUARD Gold’ certification: SS21 has achieved ‘GREENGUARD Gold’ certification which demonstrates that the ink produces low chemical emissions in indoor spaces, thus being a more environmentally-friendly product.
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