Mimaki TxF300-75

Offering high production capacity, the Mimaki TxF300-75 is a safe and stable DTF printer that's packed with Mimaki Core Technologies and prints directly onto DTF film with OEKO-TEX certified inks.
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The TxF300-75 is Mimaki’s latest, high production DTF printer offering threefold speed gains over the original TxF150-75, whilst maintaining Mimaki’s reputation for delivering direct to film printing solutions with high uptime, ease of use and print quality.

In spite of its high production capabilities, the TxF300-75 is an easy-to-use device that works on cotton, polyester and polyester blended materials, and on both light and dark coloured fabrics.

Using OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified ink and with Mimaki reliability features built-in, you can be sure of a straightforward, consistent production process.

Key Features:
Pro model gives 300% faster production
Incorporates multiple built-in Core Technologies
Eco Passport certified to meet top safety standards
Integrate your workflow with Mimaki's easy to use software
Water-based, Oeko-Tex certified pigment textile ink
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