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AlumiGraphics Printable Flooring

  • Printable exterior surface covering
  • Recyclable and easy to install/remove
  • Conforms to contours for unique finish
  • No shrinkage
  • Life expectancy up to 1 year

Used on floors 

Used on walls

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The characteristics of a foil based media are completely different to vinyl or other substrates, allowing sign and graphics suppliers to create the feeling of an arresting ‘illusion’ for their installs. It doesn’t deform or shrink, it conforms to any rough or smooth surface, it’s easy to install and equally easy to remove, but still retains amazing durability with an expected performance life of up to a year, even in extreme conditions - yet looks just like a painted graphic!



Ideal for printing with:

Solvent Printers

UV  Printers

Latex Printers


AlumiGraphics Printable Flooring

AlumiGraphics® is a versatile wide-format digital print media made of pliable aluminium foil with unique properties that makes it superior to vinyl. It can be used for many custom applications such as applying to exterior walls and is the most reliable material for placing images on outdoor walkways, paths and drives.

AlumiGraphics® opens the door to new territory for print service providers, creating new profit centres by easily transforming underutilised spaces into cost effective, mass marketing platforms.



AlumiGraphics® Grip

AlumiGraphics® GRIP incorporates unique non-skid surface and aluminium substrate. These materials, along with our specially formulated adhesive, combine to stand up to harsh weather conditions. When installed as directed, material can last for months outdoors!

Another notable feature of AlumiGraphics® GRIP is the reflective quality on any area left unprinted. Reflected light is especially noticeable when placed under bright lights or when lights shine against decals in unlit areas, so for graphics in car parks or underground garages, it can offer added benefits.


AlumiGraphics® Smooth

Gone are the days of dragging around long extension cords several stories up, damaging painted surfaces and burnt fingers due to heat guns to apply inferior vinyl wall wrap. Alumigraphics® SMOOTH printable aluminium foil wall and floorcovering from Soyang Europe is here...

As shown in this image; Alumigraphics® aluminium-based substrate allows the graphic to naturally conform to the textured surface of this brick wall. Installers simply use rollers and fingers to work the material between the brick. For large graphics, Alumigraphics® SMOOTH can be overlapped or butted up against itself. The specially-formulated adhesive keeps the graphic in place until you’re ready to take it down. As with all Alumigraphics® decals, graphics can be removed with little to no residue. Both install and removal is extremely simple.

The benefits don’t stop there... Alumigraphics® SMOOTH requires no over-laminate…making Alumigraphics® even better value.


We also stock printable flooring with anti slip and FR certified attributes.





AlumiGraphics Summary

  • Printable Aluminium exterior surface covering
  • Recyclable and easy to apply / remove
  • Conforms to contours
  • Grip and smooth versions
  • Life expectancy up to 1 year

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