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AlumiGraphics® is a foil-based wide format print media for digital printers. It is available with two finishes -- Alumigraphics® GRIP and Alumigraphics® SMOOTH

Alumigraphics® GRIP features a non-skid surface suitable for exterior walkways made of asphalt, brick, cement and other masonry surfaces. Alumigraphics® SMOOTH is designed exterior walls such as brick, cinder block, and stucco. 

The material naturally conforms to rough or smooth textured surfaces; giving the appearance of painted graphics. The high-friction surface provides duel characteristics including exceptional slip resistance and reflectivity making this the best-in-class material that is durable, safe, highly visible and easy to use.

AlumiGraphics® is utilized for graphics that can appear as painted on floors or walls both outdoor and indoors. Because the material is so easy to apply and remove, there are many creative applications for advertising, branding, experimental marketing, directional / way-finding, and interpretive graphics at restaurants, retail, trade shows, stadiums, amusement parks, transportation facilities, parking garages, public sidewalks, and more.

No, AlumiGraphics® does not need an over laminate. The unique coating bonds to most of the industry's solvent, eco solvent, UV and Latex inks.

AlumiGraphics® Grip is a rugged aluminum foil material and is designed to naturally conform to the texture of rough or smooth surfaces. The high-friction / slip-resistant surface improves the stability of pedestrian traffic in the area it is applied to. It's designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in both hot and cold weather conditions.

Yes, AlumiGraphics® Grip non-skid surface does have a reflective quality in areas that are not printed. The result is a graphic that is highly visible at night when lights shine near the graphic.

AlumiGraaphics® is available in blank rolls. Both finishes are 53 inches in width, completely usable edge to edge and is available in lengths -- 30, 75, or 150 feet long. Note, a test roll is also available...which measures 26.5" wide x 10' long. 

Because it is produced on large format digital printers, absolutely anything can be printed on this media including intricate logos, photographs or solid color arrows. Large scaled graphics can be tiled together and form almost any size and shape.

AlumiGraphics® can be used on UV curable, Latex, Eco Solvent and Solvent printers. It can also be used on screen printers. Contact us with any production questions.

Alumigraphics® media can be cut to shape with large format plotters, die cutting or manually with scissors. As with any aggressive non-skid substrate, Alumigraphics® GRIP will dull blades quicker than thin vinyl substrates.

AlumiGraphics® Grip is the widest media of its type at 53" w; usable edge to edge. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors; does not require expensive professional installation; never needs a laminate, and it holds up to both heavy pedestrian and rolling vehicle traffic. It is truly reliable, cost efficient and safe.

It doesn't get any easier!!! No heat, sealer, over-laminate or professional installer required. Simply sweep the desired area clear of dirt, debris or moisture (If the surface is oily, it may need to be power washed with a commercial degreaser); peel off the release liner; lay flat on the surface and compress by hand or with a roller, making sure all edges are completely adhered. It is now ready for immediate use. The high performance pressure sensitive adhesive provides superior holding strength. It can be applied at temperatures of 32 degrees F / 0 degrees C or above.

Is AlumiGraphics® Grip environmentally friendly?

AlumiGraphics® features a specially-formulated adhesive that is designed for a clean release on masonry surfaces...most, of which, are highly-textured. If Alumigraphics® is placed on glass or masonry products with a very highly-polished surface (like polished marble), some adhesive can be left behind. Adhesive can be removed using Simple Green, mineral spirits or other similar cleaning products. As always, we recommend testing Alumigraphics® on the surface prior to a full installation.

No, AlumiGraphics® DOES NOT need heat to apply. The Alumigraphics® foil substrate naturally conforms to textured surfaces. The material easily conforms using a J-roller or similar rubber application roller.

As with any substrate, AlumiGraphics bond to painted surfaces is only as strong as the paint is to the brick. If the adhesion of the paint to the brick is not optimal, there is a chance that paint will peel away from the brick. FloorSignage always recommends to fully test adhesion and removal of AlumiGraphics on the actual surface before using.

G-floor is just that, a floor. Designed as a commercial grade flooring product that is custom image able with grand format printing equipment.

G-floor is a 100% PVC or vinyl flooring product free of heavy metals. Much like common roll out vinyl flooring you would find in your home or business use.

Yes in some cases. Remember it is vinyl flooring and will react as such. Heavy/prolonged water exposure can cause material to cloud slightly. Once dry material will return to normal clarity. Extreme cold temperatures are not recommended. End users must test to determine any and all outdoor applications suitability for their applications.

Yes, G-Floor has UV inhibitors build in the product. Tests have shown that 4 year light fastness can be achieved. End user must determine their individual end use requirements and suitability for their application.

G-Floor can be cleaned with any products suitable for vinyl flooring. Product can be polished and or waxed in commercial applications. Remember this is a vinyl flooring product and all general rules for vinyl flooring apply.

Edging, Seam Tape, Liquid Welding, Adhesives and White Backing Ink are all in stock and ready for use.

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